To Care and Not to Care Pastor AND Friend I have attached two contrasting commentaries from two leaders in the Presbyterian Church on the challenge of being a pastor and/or friend in the church. As I read both of these articles I filled up with old, familiar feelings of loneliness and sadness. I am often criticized for not being tough […]

When I Am Among The Trees

After a month of Advent festivities, church responsibilities and family expectations, I once again found myself earning for solitude. After a month of news of one tragic event after another, I found myself aching for silence. Sometimes nothing seems easy.  Living in community, whether that be our family, our religious organization or our global community, isn’t easy.  […]


It has been said, “that  there is, quite simply, no more emotionally evocative, powerful, or important idea than home,” and we will all, in some way,  over the next four weeks, go home—as we carefully rehearse customs precious in our families, as we bake the cookies, decorate the tree, we create home. How do you […]

Reference Page – Good Books on Community, Leadership and Family – Have a recommendation? Please share!

Books on Community and Leadership * indicates my favorite. Community, The Structure of Belonging,  Peter Block * Living into Community, Christine Pohl * Paradoxes of Group of Life, Kenwyn Smith Managing Transitions, William Bridges Fashion Me a People, by Maria Harris Difficult Conversations,                                                                                                      Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton, Sheila Heen, Katie Day People of a Compassionate God, […]