A Reason To Have Cupcakes


I think we have forgotten how to have fun. Or, the Fun Industry has made fun so elaborate that we have forgotten how simple fun is. Kids are great at simply, good fun. My girls play with duct tape more than their electronics and my son is a virtual engineer with a cardboard box.

But, we, in our communities really need to find an excuse to celebrate being together. We need to laugh, and play games, and eat sugar, and just sit still, for no reason then to say, “that was fun!”

It’s been said a hundred times how busy and over programmed we have become as a society. Our families, at least my family, is so programmed with tennis, swimming, dance, violin, piano, church, homework, that sometimes, I ask myself, “is this any fun?” What is fun is a rousing game of UNO and paint and play do all over the kitchen table, and hikes in the woods, with binoculars and a notepad, for finding fossils.

It’s not about what you do, it’s about doing it with someone. When we are together, engaging, sharing, laughing, that is what brings joy and enriches our lives.

Go have some fun today, and invite your congregation, family or neighbors to join you!

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