Stay, Remain, Watch

imageI think we think too hard about prayer. Prayer is more about inaction than action. Jesus asks his disciples to sit with him while he prays. The Taize hymn, “stay with me, remain here with me, watch and pray,” speaks to the essence of prayer. Stay. Remain. Watch.

Every day somebody gives me the honor of asking me to pray for them. I can anxious about this, and feel that I need to do something. That some how I need to fix or help or enable, when really I just need to be. Nothing more is required than to stay, remain and watch.

In the early morning, before dawn, I awaken. The house is quiet, and the cats are hungry. I find my way to the coffee and my poetry. I sit at the kitchen table with only the sighing coffee maker as my companion and I think about those I have the honor to pray for, and those who have not asked, but I think about them anyway. My mind allows the pain and joy and needs and fears of others to come through me like breath. And I pray.

And suddenly the room is filled with the Holy. And I am reminded again that we are tethered by a God who forever stays, remains and watches, in quiet, steadfast, hope.

Namaste. Peace. Amen.

I found this Richard Rohr video. Enjoy.

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