Friendship on the Trail

Picture 246

Another winter storm is coming and I am aching to get back on our trails and run! I confess that I don’t run for the cardio. I run for the friendship. I run for therapy. I run to “leave it on the trail.” Whatever “it” is. We laugh, lament, swear, sweat and sometimes even cry. We push each other on.

My favorite route is along the river, where the trees canopy the trail and one can imagine that one is out in the woods, far away from it all.

This is the quote that sits on my desk:
“Nothing’s better than the wind to your back, the sun in front of you, and your friends beside you.”
Aaron Douglas Trimble, Runner

It’s negative 5 and 5 inches of snow is expected tomorrow. The trails are covered with windswept snow and the trees are creaking with cold. Come on Spring! Get here! My shoes are ready. My legs are strong and ready to pound the pavement. My lungs are aching to breathe in the fresh air. My skin is ready to feel the heat of sun. My soul is ready for the bond of friendship that only comes from a good run on the trail.

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