After Reading the News


After reading the news this morning:

The government is going to allow for horses to be slaughtered in New Mexico
A child was killed
in a bathtub
A dog was abused and neglected
to death
I stopped reading the news.

I was shocked to discover that I was not shocked.

Numb? Yes.
Disgusted? Yes.
Saddened? Yes.

But not shocked.

Dear God,
I long to be shocked by actions of evil and brutality. My soul has become callused by stories of missing children, poverty, and corruption to the point that its tough exterior is no longer impacted by that which used to bring me to tears. I want to expect the best out of people, not assume the worse. I want to be accused of being optimistic. I want my feelings of retribution toward those who abuse the innocent, to be turned into passion for justice. Turn my silent hopelessness into a bright voice that says, “no more, no more, no more!” Amen.

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