The Mother Lion


On Friday when I picked up my kindergartener from school I met him with alligator tears in his eyes. A little boy made fun of his winter coat because it had fur on the hood. The boy called him a “girl” and a “baby who wears diapers.” He said he “never wanted to wear the coat again.” I told him we could take the fur off, but he said he “liked the fur!” I said “good for you!” The mother lion in me was ready to roar!

Later that night the fur came off the hood.

Last night I told him a story about a frog who went to school with all the other frogs. This little frog liked to wear a red cape to school. It was bright and shiny and it made him feel good. All the other frogs made fun of him and said he looked like a bird! Birds are gross and the eat frogs. The little frog didn’t care what they said. He wore his cape with pride! Besides what did they know?

…..this morning the fur was still off the hood.

I want to protect my children like a great mother lion from this pain. We all do. We can’t. We can only empower them and assure them they are safe to be themselves. Love them for all the capes they wear.

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