My heart is heavy this morning for people I love.
There are those who grieve and those who wait.
There are those who can’t seem to catch a break and those who feel broken.
There are those who desire to have a life they cannot vision.

I walk my dog on a cold, January morning and I lift them up in prayer.
I say their names over and over.
I lift them up and know that my prayer is one of many.

My prayer becomes a little color in a tapestry of light.

Here’s what I know.
Perfection is a disease.
Responding to the demands of others and not the demands of the soul, silences the spirit.
You can’t go back. You can only go on.
Our days are filled with so many things that do not matter and very little is given to that which does.

We are surrounded. Surrounded. Surrounded by a Great Cloud of Witnesses.
Some are living and some are gone,
but they are there, surrounding us,
saying: “be well, be still, look about this fresh new day not with angst or limitations and not with ambition and hard work, look upon it as the day you were made to live.”

Go out today knowing you are surrounded, and be at peace with yourself and with others.

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  1. We are surrounded. There are times, as in now. When I wish I could hear the cheers. I don’t hear them now. They are there however, singing and cheering. Help me hear them Father. Help me hear you.

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