Being Part of Something That is Dying: Why I Stay Presbyterian

For the past four days I have been slightly obsessed with watching the stats on this post. 5000 hits!

I really appreciate the thoughtful responses below. Thank you! I have been contemplating the comment on clergy leadership (William Lee Goff) and the comment on the church trying to be all things to all people(Clay Faulk). In many ways both comments address the same overarching issue of clergy and congregational leadership having the maturity to be self differentiated enough to say, “this is who we are and this is who we are not,” and then accepting how people respond to those stated beliefs. This is not easy. I think both comments address core issue. Leadership and Identity.

Let’s continue the conversation. Let’s continue working along side our Methodist, Lutheran, Episcopalian brothers and sisters and see if we can find a way to discern what must die, so that something else may live.

A friend of mine once reminded me that at the end of psalms of lament, the last two stanzas always change from despair to hope and promise.

I believe we are in the final two stanzas. Let’s start singing a new song.

creating sacred communities



“We tried out the Presbyterian Church down the street, but we were the youngest people there and we are in our 40’s! We don’t want our kids to be the only one’s in confirmation, so we are going to go to the mega church. We don’t really agree with their theology, but our kids love the events and we want them to want to go to church.”

“We tried out the Presbyterian Church down the street, but they were too conservative. I can’t be part of a church that all they ever talk about is who is excluded. It’s too tense. Church should be a place where everyone is welcome. I don’t feel welcome there. I can have a nice morning devotional and be with my friends in my book group and get the community I need without the tension of the church. I’m so sick of all the…

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