Who’s Going To Be There? – Parents, Teenagers, and Their Social Lives.

creating sacred communities

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure I am significantly more involved in my children’s social lives than my parents were involved in mine.  Now, granted, we had one phone that stuck to a wall in the kitchen, so all of my conversations were “overheard”. Until I got my own phone, in my own room – which was both a blessing and a curse, because I was slightly addicted to calling boys, who happened to live outside of town, in another area code, that ran up phone bills, resulting in my Dad being very interested, and the monthly conversation of, “Who in the hell are you talking to!” – Anyway, I’m digressing.

57417c6408ef6d5087ac225e0c7f3359As a mother of a newly minted teenager and an almost 12 year old, I find myself walking in familiar and unfamiliar territory. – Like I’ve been in this part of the forest before, but the trees look different.  My…

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