The Waves of Shema

creating sacred communities

beach at night

Often my prayer is like the famous Thomas Merton prayer in which he says something like, “Dear God, I have no idea where I am going, or if what I am doing is pleasing to you, but I believe that my desire to please you, does please you.” I have always taken comfort in the fact that a monk as holy and spiritual as Thomas Merton felt lost some times in his relationship with God.

The other night I walked along a white sand beach, listening to the rise and fall of the purple waves, as the orange sun sank into the ocean. Meditating on the grand body of water put the daily realities of taxes, calendars and responsibilities in perspective. I know writers have made fun of those “spiritual but not religious” folks who see God in the sunsets, accusing them of being cliché, and I admit it is…

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