Coming Up Wanting

michigan lake sunset

It seems to me the world is coming up wanting, hungry for answers, certainties, and the desire to believe that “everything is going to be alright.”

We come up wanting, as we scroll down social media posts, searching for a quote, a video, or a joke to give us an answer to the incomprehensible world in which we live.

We come up wanting, as we find our way onto our same pew every Sunday morning and read through liturgy without seeing the words, and say “amen,” when in all honesty we didn’t really begin to pray.

We come up wanting, as we race through our meals in order to get to the practice, the game, the recital, and try not to forget the appointment, the meeting, or the phone call.

We come up wanting, as we wake before dawn, and wonder why in the world we are awake and as we lie there, our old friend Anxiety snakes her veining cold fingers around our brains and whispers, “worry, worry, worry.”

We come up wanting, because our desires have been hijacked by the world and voices that clamor for our attention.  The voices that tell us that if we aren’t worried, we are irresponsible and that if we aren’t working, we are lazy and that if we aren’t consuming, then we are lacking..

The alternative to all of this wanting, is to strive to live of the world, instead of in it; to find a way to swim up, out of the deep surface, into the light above.

There once was frog who lived in the bottom of a well and he would look up to blue circle above and sing praises of the entire universe, believing the universe to only to be that one, blue, round ball.

How limited is our thinking and our understanding of the universe and the world in which we live?  Are we all little frogs at the bottom of our wells?  How do we see beyond our own limitations?

Imagine for a moment that our desire is Christ’s desire.  Imagine for a moment that our breath was Christ’s breath.  Imagine that our worry was Christ’s worry, would he worry about such things as we?  Would he work for appreciation and recognition?  Would he check his phone while in the middle of prayer?   This is not the cliché question, “What would Jesus do?”  It’s more than that. It is rather the question,”What do you desire?”

If we desire peace beyond all understanding, we will seek his Word. So that when the storm hits, and the worry comes, and the panic paralyzes, we find ourselves anchored in an indescribable steadiness.

If we desire joy,we will seek his face. So that regardless if the day is happy or sad, joy like a light that never goes out, remains.

If we desire God, we will seek the stillness of His breath.  And in stillness, we discover that God’s breath breaks  through all that suffocates and holds us down.  The breath breaks apart the clutch of our wanting and whispers, “hush, hush. hush.”

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