Making Sense of it All

I’m trying to make sense of all of this.  I’m trying to understand what is going on.  The more I try, the more concerned I become.  Every day I read articles from a variety of news columns to try to understand how people are seeing the world, and more importantly to try to identify with how readers who only read one perspective may be seeing the world.

This morning I read these four articles, each providing very different perspectives.  While their individual opinions are worthy of discussion, what I care more about is how we as citizens, who have different opinions can have civil conversations on these different opinions.  I want a real conversation without name calling, eye rolling, or sensationalizing.

We need to understand each other.

Here are the four articles I read today. Notice how  they are written.  Notice the audience they believe is reading the article.  Think critically about each article.  What do we learn about the writer, the reader and the world, by reading these four articles?  What do we learn about ourselves?

Could we pull these opposing articles out and have a mature conversation about what is going on in the world?   Can we read these articles and not getting angry, emotional, or defensive?  Could we work together to try to make sense of it all?

The first article I read was by Keith Ablow from Fox News:

And then I read this article by David Brooks from the New York Times:



Then I read this article by Newt Gingrich from Fox News:

I finished my Saturday morning circuit with this article by Jim Wallis:

If you have read all four of the articles by now, you are probably not interested in reading further.  So I will end here and say that I think we need to force ourselves to read and engage in conversations with opposing points of view.  We have to try to understand each other.  If we don’t, we are just screaming into the wind.

We must seek first to understand than to be understood.


  1. Shelly Whitwood might turn it all off for a little while – she sounds frustrated, as I often am. There are a gazillion writers and opinions that beat us up daily thanks to the internet. Information and opinions swarm about us like a cloud of giant gnats – opinions typed out quickly with little or no reflection because there is no time. That is because we are hit with new information, then the next breath brings still more. It’s ceaseless and my head explodes. It doesn’t matter what the spat or trick du jour is; in the grand scheme of things it will be forgotten by next week and something will take its place. Sometimes it’s necessary to shut it out and reflect on the bigger, more important things. Well, that’s just my opinion. 😉


  2. I don’t understand your thinking. I have something to send you about the cabinet. But do not have an email for you. I do believe with all my heart Trump should be our president. And is doing what he said he would do. I agree with all his decisions. I do not understand the far left at all. As a Christian, I believe what the bible says and I am republican. I love the new cabinet and I believe Trump has worked so hard this first week for us the American people and what’s best for us. That’s just me . I prayed with the Franklin Graham group throughout the entire campaign. I am also an avid Fox News watcher. So I do not watch the Cnn or MSNBC. I think they find too much garbage and lies. I’ve waited 8 years for someone for the people to come to Americas aid. I’m on cloud 9 since the election.

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