How do I explain this to my children?

In a couple of hours I have to wake my children for the day and tell them that the world changed over night.  I have to tell them who our next President is going to be.  He’s the type of individual whose values are not personally shared by our family.  He is not the kind of person I would want my children to grow up to be.  When they hear the outcome of the election, I know they will be afraid.

I wonder, is it I who am afraid?  Am I projecting my fears for them, and their future and the ideals of democracy on to them?  Is it easier for me to be address their fears than to face my own?   – Maybe so.

How do we respond when we feel the earth move beneath us and we find ourselves in uncertain territory?  As I thought about my children, sleeping peacefully upstairs, I thought about how the values  and ideals that we talk about and believe, have not changed, and are more important now than ever before.  These are the values that we need to hold on to. These are the values that we have to see lived out.

We now have to practice more than ever what it is we believe.

Hold to the good
Stand for justice
Love your neighbor
Pray for your enemy
Consider the lilies
Defend liberty
Be not afraid

This is what I will tell my children when they wake up in the morning.



  1. Many thanks Shelly, for I needed your words this morning, too. I am sharing this for all to know what is really important. Blessings, Sue

  2. I like what you decided to tell your children. For my part, I have had to think back to what it would have been like to live in the Roman Empire as a Christian. Caesar’s realm operates by values, rules, principles that may not bear any relationship to those values that we are called to embrace as Christians. The important point is not that we should passively let Caesar be what Caesar wishes to be. That would not be in the spirit of a democratic society. But we do have to make a priority of hanging on to our values, affirming them and practicing them as Christians no matter who fills the role of Caesar in our time and place. Just a thought following a long night.

  3. Shelly,Wouldn’t this same column have applied if the other candidate had won?Always appreciate your thoughtful column.Larry Woodling

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